Funding and Care coordination for Lacrosse Health Services

Support coordination is an integrated service which help participants to gain access to State program services and required programs and to receive the services they need, such as medical, social, emotional, educational and other supportive services. The Support coordinator is also responsible for building and maintaining the individualized Service Support Plan for each participant, their families and other service providers. In order to qualify for support coordination, participants must have an understanding of the term “support” and be able to describe their situation accurately. Other criteria used to qualify participants for eligibility are as follows – view the website here

Why need Funding and Care coordination for Lacrosse Health Services

As stated above, there are four levels of eligibility for the Support Coordination process, level one is when the participant needs a short term inpatient treatment or immediate medical care due to a medical emergency, level two is when the participant is on at least part time or permanent inpatient treatment as a result of an eligible event, level three is when participants qualify due to being severely depressed and receiving an Out-patient Psychotherapy or psychodynamic Psychotherapy, level four is when participants have reached a stage where they meet one or more of the other levels outlined above and level five is when participants meet all five levels for eligibility for support coordination. Each level of eligibility requires specific amounts of time to demonstrate the need for the additional services, which vary according to the severity of the participant’s condition. In addition to meeting the requirements for each level of eligibility, participants must also prove that they have the specific types of supportive services that are specified by each level of eligibility. Examples of these services include home confinement, group socialization, respite care, direct care and emergency transportation.

All participants in Lacrosse Health Services Level One and Two Service Agreement processes are required to meet one or more of the five stages described above in order to receive funding from the funding agency. However, if a participant does not meet one of the stages listed above, they are still eligible for funding as long as they provide proof that they met one of the stages listed above, and they provide documentation demonstrating that they have received social service services as directed by their service agreement. This evidence of service is required as part of the pre-qualification process for funding.

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