The 9 Best Skeleton Watches of 2023

There’s nothing quite like a skeleton watch to show off the intricate, fine craftsmanship that goes into a luxury timepiece. These pieces tend to be pricier than others because they are often mechanical movements with lots of intricate engraving. But even if you don’t have thousands to spend on a watch, it’s still possible to find a great looking skeleton watch for men that will make you look sophisticated and stylish.

What are old watches called?

One of our favorite skeleton watches comes from a brand that usually flies under the radar, Girard-Perregaux. Their Laureato Skeleton Ceramic Watch is the perfect example of how they can do skeleton watches without sacrificing their sport watch roots. The black ceramic case and bracelet are a beautiful backdrop for the gorgeous GP01800-0006 movement, which is on full display without any of the typical complications.

Another great option is the Raymond Weil Freelancer Skeleton Automatic. This is an automatic movement watch with a cool open design that reveals the mainspring, gear train and escapement. It has a modern aesthetic with a bit of traditional styling and a nice contrast between the white hands and dial. Read more :

A more contemporary option comes from up-and-coming brand Norqain. Their Independence Skeleton has a look that’s reminiscent of a Patek Philippe Nautilus or Hublot Classic Fusion, but at a much more reasonable price. The titanium case is a clean, lovely canvas for the workhorse ETA movement and it looks fantastic with its wide, clean metal planes. The hands are huge, which makes it easy to read the time and they can be seen in the dark thanks to the lume.

Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

CBD is a natural compound that’s been shown to help with an array of health issues. It interacts with our endocannabinoid system, a network of receptors that regulates many bodily functions including mood, sleep cycle, pain response, and more. Full spectrum cbd contains CBD as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes that can produce a more synergistic “entourage effect.” That said, it also contains small amounts of THC, which can cause a mild high feeling in some people.

How safe is CBD?

CBD has been shown to relieve anxiety, depression, and stress. It acts as an antidepressant by interacting with the brain’s chemical messengers that influence our perception of the world around us. Additionally, it appears to increase levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps regulate our moods.

Full spectrum tinctures are the most popular way to take CBD. They’re typically consumed with a dropper under the tongue (sublingual) or mixed into foods and beverages.

When selecting a full spectrum tincture, look for brands that are transparent about their product’s contents and source. The quality of a tincture can affect how well it works for you, so it’s important to find a brand that is dedicated to providing the best possible product. It’s also a good idea to consult your doctor before trying any new supplement, especially one that hasn’t been thoroughly tested or approved by the FDA. Additionally, consuming CBD oil with certain medications may affect their efficacy or pose a risk of adverse side effects.

Girl Workout Gear

girl workout gear

The right girl girl workout gear can help you push harder in your studio class, look cool running errands post-sweat session and feel confident even when you’re feeling a little shaky. But what to wear depends on how intense your workout is, how much you sweat and how often you wash your gear. So we asked fitness experts to share their favorite brands for a range of options, from high-performing leggings and sports bras to cozy yoga pants and cropped tees.


The OG of activewear, Lulu is the go-to for chic workout clothes that stand up to many washes and aren’t too tight or too baggy. Their leggings are breathable and flattering, with wide waistbands that prevent them from sliding down during a run or class. They also come in a range of colors and prints. Plus, the brand’s infamous Luonu fabric is buttery soft and stretchy, so you can move in comfort and style.

Empower Your Workout: Must-Have Workout Gear for Girls’ Fitness and Fashion

This small UK start-up has gained a loyal following thanks to its commitment to sustainability and size inclusivity. The line uses repurposed ocean plastic water bottles and fishing nets, and its simple styles are meant to mix and match for the perfect gym look.

How to Make a Reversible Tote Bag

How to Make a Reversible Tote Bag

How to Make a Reversible Tote Bag Tote Bag is a beginner sewing project that allows you to experiment with fabric combinations. It is quick, easy and a great way to practice your sewing skills. This bag pattern is designed to be reversible so you can change the look of your tote depending on your mood or outfit. It also includes detailed instructions for adding zipper and slip pockets to either side, making it a useful carry-all for school, work, or the gym.

Whether you choose a neutral or bold fabric for your bag, this tote is sure to be a wardrobe staple. It will make a perfect gift for someone special too!

Double the Style: DIY Guide to Making a Reversible Tote Bag

If you’re using quilter’s cottons or similar lightweight fabrics, consider lining your tote with fusible fleece or interfacing. Cut the fleece or interfacing to fit two of your bag pieces and follow the package directions to fuse it to the wrong sides of the pieces. This adds weight and strength to the bag.

To make your handles, cut two long rectangles from your strap fabric (two out of one fabric and two out of the other) that are twice as wide as your desired strap width. Press them lengthwise and sew along the long open edge, turning and pressing again. This creates a handle casing that will be hidden when the bag is assembled.

When you’re ready to assemble your tote, slip the right-side-out layer of the bag into the wrong-side-out lining layer. Match up the side seams and top edges and sew around three edges leaving the bottom edge open for turning. Then push the lining inside the bag and top stitch around the top edge closing up the opening you used to turn the bag.

Women’s Workout Apparel For a Confident Workout

womens workout apparel

What you wear to the women’s workout apparel might not seem like a big deal, but it actually has a significant impact on your workout. The right clothing adds support and makes exercise more comfortable, which can inspire you to push harder and get more out of your routine. In fact, studies have shown that when you feel confident in your clothes, you’re more likely to achieve your fitness goals.

Thankfully, activewear has evolved beyond oversized tees and sweatpants, and there’s now a plethora of cute options. From big sneaker brands that have a dedicated women’s collection, to women-only labels, to retailers with their own active lines, there are plenty of choices for every style and budget.

Sweat in Style: Trendy and Functional Workout Apparel for Women’s Fitness

One of our favorite places for trendy workout apparel is FP Movement, which features bold colors, citrus-inspired pops of color and cheeky cutouts that are sure to turn heads in your barre class or HIIT class. The brand’s high-waisted leggings are a must, and they pair perfectly with its long-line sports bra or crop tank. For a more casual, everyday look, try the brand’s seamless Spanx thong, which supports the rear and creates a smoothing effect.

Another go-to for swoon-worthy workout gear is Nike, which offers a range of styles that are as street-friendly as they are studio-ready. Its Dri-Fit fabrics wick away sweat and keep you cool and dry during your workout, while its leggings are designed to move with you and are great for high-impact moves or a sweaty yoga session. Its sneakers are also highly coveted, and the brand’s Nike By You feature lets you customize your own shoes.