Austin Family Law Attorneys

When facing a family legal issue, the most important concern is how this will affect your family. Whether it is a divorce proceeding, child custody dispute, property division or other family law matter, ensuring the best possible outcome requires experienced and knowledgeable representation. Trying to manage this sensitive and often emotionally charged legal area on your own can be stressful, especially with children involved.

How many family lawyers are there in Texas?

At our family law services at, we believe that every person’s situation is unique and deserves the full attention of a skilled Austin divorce lawyer. We focus on understanding your ultimate goals and developing the most effective ways to achieve those goals in your individual case. We pride ourselves on bringing dignity, integrity and compassion to each of our clients as we work with them through their family law challenges.

We offer a wide range of family law services to individuals in Travis, Williamson, Hays, and Bastrop Counties, including divorce, complex property division, separation of closely held corporations, characterization and tracing of assets, and more. Contact us today for the help you need.

Most family law cases are resolved through settlement discussions and negotiations. A skilled Austin family law lawyer can effectively represent you in these proceedings and negotiate on your behalf to obtain fair and favorable terms for you. If your case must be heard in court, a lawyer from Cofer & Connelly, PLLC can effectively present evidence, question witnesses and make persuasive arguments on your behalf to the judge hearing your case.

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