Maru Art Photography

Christian Houge is a contemporary photographer who specializes in Japan’s otherworldly subculture. His work explores the themes of gender dysphoria, sexuality, and personal identity. He sells unframed and framed prints, as well as limited editions in aluminium and other materials. In addition to capturing the essence of the Japanese culture, his photographs explore ambiguity. While his subject matter is often dark and surreal, the resulting images are compelling and evocative.

How to Choose Maru Art Photography

Maru Art Photography

His photographic work is an expression of his love for nature and the outdoors. He has traveled to far off places to capture unique views and memories. He has a passion for landscapes and travel and loves sharing his passion with his workshop attendees. He currently hosts RAW & Gather Workshops at Chateau de la Ruche, where he lives with his wife. He plans to host another workshop in October at his own place in the South of France.

Aside from taking breathtaking Maru Art Photography of the natural world, Maru uses film and digital formats to create stunning works of art. His work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Cottage Hill Magazine, Style Me Pretty, and other publications. He has been honored with multiple awards. He works with local and international artists, and his photographs have appeared in some of the world’s most prestigious magazines. He has exhibited his photographs internationally, and his work has been featured in many publications.

Odessa Carpet Cleaners

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If you have a dirty carpet, it’s time to invest in a professional Carpet Cleaning Odessa Tx. With a modern carpet cleaning system, you’ll get deep dirt removal and refresh the look of your floors. With the help of a professional Odessa carpet cleaner, you can get a new look for your flooring without the hassle and cost of hiring a professional. The cleaning method used is also more environmentally friendly and safe than traditional steam cleaning methods.


You can also go for local services. For instance, you can hire a flooring contractor in Odessa. A carpet cleaning company that specializes in Odessa is a good option. A carpet cleaner who works locally will be a much more affordable option than hiring a national company. These companies have the right skills to get the job done. A professional can give you the carpet cleaning service you need at a competitive rate.

A professional will help you choose the best service for your needs. If you’re looking for a deep cleaning, opt for a steam cleaner. It will be better for you to hire a professional for carpet cleaning because it will remove more dirt and allergens. The process is also more convenient for people who have busy schedules. Depending on the type of carpet, you’ll need to select a company that specializes in steam cleaning.…

Destination Wedding Ideas

A destination wedding in Bali is a beautiful and romantic event for the bride and the groom. Although the place and the date are not decided until a few weeks prior to the occasion, the best time to finalize everything is at least four to six months before the big day. This will give the couples enough time to get everything in order, including travel arrangements, food, clothing, cakes, favors, music, and so on. Since it is an expensive event, couples should make sure that they will be able to pay for everything in their budget, which includes food, decorations, wedding favors, travel expenses, and other costs. If someone

How To Choose The Perfect Location

bali destination wedding

Another thing to do is to search for a destination that can provide some Bali destination wedding packages. For instance, there are many beach resorts where couples can get married, and one of the most popular is Kuta, located in the central part of Bali. There are also other beaches that offer the Bali couple a wide variety of options when it comes to their weddings, such as Seminyak and Sanur beaches. Couples who are interested in doing their own weddings can look for these resorts and book them according to their own preferences. They just have to find out when the weddings will take place and make reservations according to the dates.

As long as the couple has at least six months before the actual wedding date, they will have plenty of time to look for a location and find the right place to get married. However, if they want to save money, they may consider shortening their trip by visiting Kuta in just two or three days. Couples can also make use of their local transportation, or if they have travel connections, they can also hire limousines or jet skis to travel around in style and create an impressive wedding image credit. After all, the entire point of a Bali destination wedding is to create a beautiful image credit worthy of the bride and groom themselves.

Enjoy Your Park For Sale In Queensland

If you are thinking of moving to Queensland and have not yet considered the purchase of a caravan park for sale QLD, you might want to do this now. Caravan parks for sale are extremely popular in this state and there is certainly no shortage of them in Queensland. With the purchase of a caravan park you will be ensured that you are at ease and are surrounded by all the luxuries of home in an isolated location that is miles from any town or city. When you buy a park you can either lease it to a tourist during the summer months or purchase it outright in the off-season. A caravan park for sale in Queensland comes with many advantages which make them such an ideal investment.

How to Enjoy Your Park For Sale In Queensland

caravan park for sale qld

One of the main benefits when purchasing a caravan park for sale QLD is that you can use the park on a daily basis. You will find that it is very convenient to come and go to your own business at any time of the day or night. The park has all the facilities you need to live on your own and includes a toilet, shower and kitchen facilities. You will also find a variety of activities to participate in such as fishing, walking, golfing, tennis, horse riding, sailing, camping, hiking, boating and a great golf course. Some parks even have a clubhouse and swimming pool.

If you do not have the money to purchase a self contained caravan then you could consider purchasing a used caravans or Rental Caravans for sale. By doing so you are likely to save yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Caravan parks for sale are also usually located near restaurants, banks, shops and other tourist attractions. People who purchase caravans for sale in Queensland often choose to live in the area and enjoy the benefits offered by the caravan park for sale.

Top Roofing Company in Charlotte

Top Roofing Company in Charlotte

Roofers in Charlotte roofing specialists who are experienced in doing the type of work you need can often save you money and time. If you have an emergency roof leak or other problem that requires attention than you should find a professional roofer in Charlotte to get your job done quickly and correctly. Whether you are having a new roof installed, have an older one replaced or you need to do the repair work yourself, there are professionals in Charlotte that know how to get the job done right and know where to find the best materials. Whether you have a flat roof or a polygonal roof, if you have damage from ice or hail you should call a roofer in Charlotte so that they can assess the problem and come up with a solution that will keep you from having to deal with the problem again in a year or two. Often roofers in Charlotte know which materials to use and can also recommend better materials for you to use in order to avoid having to replace your roof after just one or two shingles are broken or missing.


A roofing company in Charlotte should be licensed, insured and have the proper qualifications to do the job you need them to do. Most roofing companies in Charlotte are bonded and have insurance to protect the workers and clients when accidents occur on site. The roofers charter or have an agreement with a roofing company that they work for a set fee. Sometimes the roofing company will do all of the work and then pay the roofers Charlotte to do the final repair job and then they will bill the client for their services.


If your roof has been leaking for more than a few days you should call a roofing company in Charlotte because the rain and cold weather could cause leaks or other problems to your roof. Leaks are very common and often happen when water is trapped under your roof without proper drainage. This can cause your roof to leak when it isn’t even raining. A top roofing company in Charlotte should be able to tell you what kind of roofing materials you need to fix your roof and if you need to get a permit from your local government to install the roof properly. You can also find roofers Charlotte by doing a simple online search on your preferred search engine.