Custom Tradesman Trailers

Industrial Trailers can provide high quality Melbourne trailers and ensures complete customer satisfaction. But every trailer is made to last. Trailers Australia has a long standing history of building trailers and all types of trailers. They have a large selection of trailers to suit your needs, whether you are looking for housing, work or farming trailers. They also offer a two year warranty on all their Trailers.


Each trailer is built to weather the elements, so you know that your tradesman trailers Melbourne will go miles. They have taken extreme caution to ensure that each product is built with lasting stability in mind. They will build each product to exacting criteria. These include; weight & capacity, reliability, safety and endurance.


If you need a great place to store your valued goods, then you should look at Industrial Trailers Melbourne. Whether you require housing, a craft workshop or a livestock trailer, you can find a custom trailers Melbourne that suits your needs perfectly. We offer a huge selection of industrial trailers including; agricultural trailers, custom trailers, motor home, race car and tractor trailers. You will also find a wide selection of accessories including; lights, roof racks, camping furniture, beds, water tanks, hydraulic lifts and much more.


When it comes to lighting and security, you want to go with the best and if you want LED lights, then we have just the right thing for you in the form of custom trade mannequins. These are not just a standard mannequin but one that is specifically designed to look like a tradesman, complete with our signature logo on the chest and LED lights on the side. When choosing your mannequin, whether it’s for home use or for business use, you should think about the environment and what impression you would like to give by the type of mannequin you choose. Most of our mannequins are made from high quality vinyl and are UV friendly.

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