Dessert Disposable Cups

Dessert disposable cups are a great way to display treats, like ice cream sundaes and parfaits, at catered events. They also help keep your dessert table organized and stocked for quickly replenished guests.

Choose from a variety of cup sizes and styles, including plastic, glass, or foam. Some are air pocket insulated for hot beverages or poly coated for additional rigidity. Others are compostable or fully recyclable.

Stainless steel spoons are included with many of our dessert cups, making them an extra-handy accessory. These spoons are made of a lightweight, durable material and will hold up to frequent use at parties or other large gatherings.

Glass dessert cups come in a wide variety of designs, including modern oval and square miniatures. These glasses are perfect for showing off fruit, jello, and other ingredients.

They are also ideal for serving a dessert or other treat, as they are stackable and can be put away for storage when not in use. These cups are also easy to clean, so they can be reused and recycled.

These tall glass dessert cups have a contemporary design that makes them easy to show off fruits and other ingredients. They stand five inches high and are able to hold around 2.5 ounces of a drink, dessert, or other item.

They have a wider base and larger top diameter than most other disposable cups, which allows you to pile on toppings like whipped cream and sprinkles. They also feature a handy foot that extends the base of the cup to make it easier to set down.

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