Health Optimisation Devices For Chronic Heart Failure

Often, a person can feel like they’re doing everything right, but there’s still a gap between them and achieving their health goals. Known as Health Optimization, this approach goes beyond preventive measures and encourages people to do what it takes to get closer to their optimal health status. Resource: More info

Getting there starts with identifying health goals and establishing an action plan. The goal is to take the health journey away from the context of chronic disease and toward achieving vitality for decades to come.

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A person with a Health Optimization mindset will regularly evaluate their performance and seek to understand what is standing in the way of them being at their best. They are willing to make the small changes needed to move from adequate to good, and even better, to optimal.

At Impulse Dynamics, we offer a range of Health Optimisation devices to help you live life to the fullest with Chronic Heart Failure. Our Optimizer Smart device is FDA-approved to treat heart failure by improving the strength of your heart’s contractions. It uses Cardiac Contractility Modulation (CCM) therapy, which is proven to improve the 6-minute hall walk distance, quality of life, and functional status in NYHA Class III heart failure patients who remain symptomatic with guideline-directed medical therapy or are not candidates for CRT. The device is minimally invasive and is implanted into a pocket under the skin in the chest, along with commercially available pacemaker leads, under light sedation. It is expected to last 20 years before the need of replacement.

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