How Does a Samsung Watch Work With Motorola Mobility Phones?

When it comes to does samsung watch work with motorola ¬†and health features, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro are among the best options out there. They pack the same bioelectrical impedance analysis, optical heart rate and auto workout tracking capabilities you’d expect from a modern smartwatch but also have unique health monitoring sensors that set them apart from competitors like Fitbit and Oura.

One of those unique sensors is an infrared sensor that’s designed to measure skin temperature during sleep, which can help spot conditions like fever or menstrual cycles. However, this feature isn’t active yet — it should get turned on via a software update sometime in the future.

Sync or Swim: Investigating Compatibility Between Samsung Watches and Motorola Devices

Other sensors include the traditional accelerometer and gyroscope for measuring steps, heart rate and calculating calories burned. The Galaxy Watch also has a barometer for checking weather conditions and an electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor to monitor heart activity, which is important for people with serious cardiovascular issues.

The Galaxy Watch and Watch Active do a decent job of straddling the line between a standard smartwatch and a high-end fitness tracker, but they’re not a good option for everyone. They require a compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphone to use most of their features, including Samsung Pay and Advanced Sleep Coaching. In addition, Samsung’s BIA body analyzer and Auto Workout Tracking only work on Samsung Galaxy smartphones running Android 8.0 or later and have the latest version of the Samsung Wearable app.

To connect a new phone to your watch, swipe up from the main watch face and tap Settings > General. You may be prompted to back up data, which can take up to 10 minutes. After backing up your watch, follow the on-screen instructions to reset it. Then, open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone and select Get Started to begin pairing with your watch.

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