How Good a Cow Fence Can Be

For the majority of ranchers, cattle cow fence is a necessity and the best option for keeping cows safe from predators and other dangers. The right cow fence will provide both a visual and physical barrier to keep cattle in and out of the field.

However, to understand how good a cow fence can be you have to think about the way cattle work and the psychology of their behavior. A single electric wire that is utterly useless to cows as a physical barrier can turn into a psychological barrier as impenetrable as the iron bars of a polar bear’s cage if you train your herd to respect it.

A fence is not a permanent fixture, especially when it comes to cattle, so you want to make sure that your cattle fencing is in tip-top shape. To do so, there are several things that you need to know about installing a great cow fence:

The First Steps in the Fence Process

Using electric fence in your cattle operations requires a different approach than traditional fencing. You need to be trained in the art of manipulating cow psychology so that a little bit of harmless “zapping” turns a smooth wire utterly useless as a physical barrier into an impenetrable psychological one.

Unlike other fence types, a fixed-knot wire design provides superior performance and longevity for ranchers with the lowest cost per year for cattle fencing. With a range of height and mesh pattern options, this high-tensile woven wire fence type has 9 horizontal and vertical stay wires and a 3-inch vertical spacing to help increase the strength of the fence for maximum durability and security.

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