How to Bulk With MealPro

Bulking is a healthy way to increase your protein intake without compromising your health. When bulking up, you should aim to have at least five to six servings per day of protein, including some wholefood fats. In addition, you should have five to six servings of starchy carbohydrates. To maximize bulking gains, you can make your bulking meals more flexible by introducing cheat meals.

Bulking Is A Healthy Way To Increase Your Protein

A typical bulking meal prep plan includes two handfuls of vegetables, a palm-sized portion of protein, and one fist-size portion of carbohydrates. These foods are carefully weighed and portioned to meet your individual needs. MealPro bulking meals also feature plenty of low-glycemic vegetables and meat that is at least 90% lean. They are also carefully cooked to maintain freshness and retain nutrients.

When bulking, you must also consider your energy expenditure. Depending on your level of activity, you may need fewer calories or more. For example, if you are more active and spend a lot of time in a gym, you’ll need more high-calorie bulking meals. On the other hand, if you sit at a desk all day, you’ll need fewer high-calorie bulking meals.

When you’re bulking, you should aim for a protein intake of at least 2g per kilogram of bodyweight. The more you eat of this nutrient, the more likely you are to build mass. Protein intake is essential for gaining muscle and can be increased by eating a variety of different foods.

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