Maru Art Photography

Christian Houge is a contemporary photographer who specializes in Japan’s otherworldly subculture. His work explores the themes of gender dysphoria, sexuality, and personal identity. He sells unframed and framed prints, as well as limited editions in aluminium and other materials. In addition to capturing the essence of the Japanese culture, his photographs explore ambiguity. While his subject matter is often dark and surreal, the resulting images are compelling and evocative.

How to Choose Maru Art Photography

Maru Art Photography

His photographic work is an expression of his love for nature and the outdoors. He has traveled to far off places to capture unique views and memories. He has a passion for landscapes and travel and loves sharing his passion with his workshop attendees. He currently hosts RAW & Gather Workshops at Chateau de la Ruche, where he lives with his wife. He plans to host another workshop in October at his own place in the South of France.

Aside from taking breathtaking Maru Art Photography of the natural world, Maru uses film and digital formats to create stunning works of art. His work has been featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Cottage Hill Magazine, Style Me Pretty, and other publications. He has been honored with multiple awards. He works with local and international artists, and his photographs have appeared in some of the world’s most prestigious magazines. He has exhibited his photographs internationally, and his work has been featured in many publications.

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