NYC Cell Phone Ticket Attorney

NYC Cell Phone Ticket Attorney

In NYC Cell Phone Ticket Attorney to talk or text on your cellphone while you’re driving. In fact, Vehicle and Traffic Law 1225(d) makes it illegal to use any electronic device while driving (including GPS devices), a tablet or computer, a digital camera and more. If a police officer believes you are using one of these devices while driving, you can be issued a ticket and could potentially see five points added to your license.

The penalties are serious for these types of offenses, especially because they carry five points which can cause your insurance rates to rise and put you at risk for a license suspension. To avoid such outcomes, drivers who have received a NYC Cell Phone or Texting Ticket should strongly consider fighting it.

NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer James Medows Can Help

A NYC cell phone/texting ticket is different from other violations because you can’t plea bargain or negotiate the offense down to something else when you fight it at the NYC Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). Instead, you have a chance to win by showing up at your hearing and arguing that you should be found not guilty.

The first thing that you need to do if you want to fight your NYC cell phone or texting ticket is read the fine and terms of service carefully. Next, you should gather any necessary evidence and consult with an experienced NY cell phone ticket defense lawyer.

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