Padel Tennis – How to Play on a Padel Court

Padel Tennis Court

Padel Tennis Court is a sport that takes time to master and requires a great deal of practice and dedication. However, there are some key tenets that you can follow to speed up your progression and make the game more fun for yourself and your friends.

The Padel Court

Padel is a relatively new sport that originated in the 1970s in Mexico and was brought to Spain by an entrepreneur named Alfonso de Hohenlohe, who incorporated it into his exclusive club on the Costa del Sol. The game was quickly embraced by his friends and family and it wasn’t long before tournaments were being organized in the area.

Although the court looks very similar to a traditional tennis court, there are several key differences that should be noted. First, the padel is played in an enclosed space and therefore the walls/fence are firmly part of the gameplay. This creates a very unique and exciting aspect of the game that isn’t present in other sports such as tennis.

The floor of a Padel Tennis court is typically made of concrete that has been treated to ensure it will have a proper sliding bounce. The walls on a padel court can be made from a variety of materials but tempered glass is commonly used as it allows players to see where the ball is going and it’s also very durable. The walls of a padel court can be either flat or angled depending on the desired playstyle.

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