PCR Tubes

pcr tubes

PCR Tubes are used in the extraction of DNA. They are made of medical-grade polypropylene, and feature thin walls for easy handling. They are compatible with most thermal cyclers. PCR tests are more accurate when using a tube with uniform wall thickness. These tubes can be re-used and can also be used for qPCR. They are suitable for use with most thermocyclers. These tubes can also be sterilized.

How to Choose PCR Tubes

PCR tubes are 0.2-mL in size and are designed for qPCR and other reverse-transcription-PCR applications. The thin-wall design of these tubes facilitates accurate thermal transfer. They are available in single, double, and triple-trip configurations. For qPCR and PCR-based experiments, 0.2-mL PCR tubes are best. They have flat caps and domed caps, and are autoclavable.

PCR Strip Tubes are ideally suited for qPCR and PCR. These sterile strips are constructed of virgin polypropylene and feature robust flex-free links. These strips are easy to handle, and are designed for optimum results in PCR and qPCR. PCR-Strip Tubes are typically available in strips of eight, twelve, and sixteen tubes, which can be cut or left in their original string.

Axygen 0.2-mL Individual PCR Tubes have flat or domed caps for easy access. These PCR tubes have a high-quality, thin-wall design for fast heat transfer. The 0.5-mL tube fits on the Veriti(tm) 96-Well Thermal Cycler. They have an integral shield to prevent leakage and provide a positive seal during thermal cycling. The 0.4-mL cap allows for precise amplification and sequencing of DNA fragments.

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