Puravankara Plots – Splendor and Significance

The story of Puravankara Temple traces its roots to the Indus Valley Civilization that existed in the second century. This was a time when people from all over India came to celebrate the auspicious festival of Diwali, which was celebrated with great zeal by the people of the land. In order to commemorate this auspicious occasion, a rich man by the name of Avijit took the help of several artisans and craftsmen to convert the majestic old temple into a house of worship. The temple was decorated in all the glory it was capable of bearing and also added several intricately designed decorations. These Puravankara Plots are a blend of traditional architectural features along with modern decorative elements.

Purvankara Plots Bangalore Excellence With Enthusiast Comfort

The main highlight of Puravankara Plots Bangalore is the immense complexity of designs. Each of these intricate and creative pieces has been lovingly rendered using traditional Indian tools and techniques. When you visit this beautiful place you will find a mix of several genres present there including Nandi dance, floral patterns, traditional Deva work, sculptures, paintings and so on. All these things have been beautifully preserved through the past couple of centuries. The main aim of the people involved in the conversion of this place is to ensure that the place retains its pristine taste for thousands of years.

The city of Puravankara is not only a religious place for the Hindus but also for the non-Hindus too. You can find people practicing their faith here such as the Aivi and Jainas and even Buddhists. You will get to see many places of worship such as the Basilica of Bom Jesus, St. Thomas Basilica and St. Francis Basilica. There are also plenty of shopping options at Puravankara Plots Bangalore. These include prominent brands that are popular all over the world such as Ikea, Wal-mart, Debenhams, Fashion London, Carlsberg and so on.

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