Selling Your Gold Jewelry

gold jewelry

Gold jewelry holds a special place in many cultures around the world. Its beauty and symbolism have carried across eras and continents, holding a nearly universal meaning of wealth, love, power, and spirituality. It’s not surprising, then, that the precious metal has been treasured for thousands of years.

In its purest form, solid gold jewelry is too soft to be used for jewelry, which means it must be mixed with other metal alloys to make it strong enough. The standard measurement of a piece’s gold content is its karat. 14k and 18k pieces have the highest fineness, but you can find pieces with higher or lower karats depending on your preference or budget.

The Lustrous Allure: Exploring the Beauty of Gold Jewelry

It’s important to note that while 24 karat gold is still worn often in India and China as both an investment and a cultural symbol of status, it hasn’t always been considered high quality. Thankfully, pioneering goldsmiths such as Gurhan Orhan have resurrected ancient techniques to show that 24k gold can be worked into designs that are modern, refined, and even minimalist.

If you’re ready to part with your jewelry, consider selling it to a local jeweler who buys precious metals, or bring your items to a coin shop or bullion dealer. Keep in mind, though, that most buyers won’t give you the current “spot” price for your pieces. This is because they have to pay for advertising, overhead, melting jewelry, and their own profit—so you’ll likely get a little less than the gold’s actual value.

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