Sustainable Wedding Catering – How to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly

wedding catering with sustainable food

As you get ready to create your wedding catering with a sustainable food menu, consider how to make your day more eco-friendly. A lot of waste can be avoided by making some simple, yet impactful choices.

A big source of waste at weddings is food. It’s estimated that 40% of the food served is never eaten and 10% of wedding foods end up being thrown out. This rotting food produces methane, which is not good for our planet. To reduce this, you can opt for a buffet or station-style menu over a plated dinner option. A buffet or station menu forces your caterers to guess how much of each item they need, which leads to a lot of waste from leftovers.

Eco-Friendly Eats: How to Plan a Sustainable Wedding Menu

Another way to reduce waste is by reducing the amount of individual dishes you serve. A popular new wedding trend is the grazing table, which eliminates the need for multiple food items to be served in separate containers. It also helps guests pick a dish that is right for them, which helps reduce waste caused by people not eating their entire plate.

Lastly, it is always better to choose locally sourced ingredients for your meals and drinks. This not only supports local businesses, but it cuts down on the transportation needed to get the products to your venue.

Another great way to help the environment is by avoiding disposable paper goods like plates, napkins, and cutlery. Renting these reusable items is an affordable option that will save you money in the long run and lower your carbon footprint. You can also avoid paper waste by going paperless with your save-the-dates, invitations, programs, and thank-you cards.

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