The Role of an Electrician in Your Home

Electricians install electrical systems in residential settings. Their job can involve installing, troubleshooting and maintaining equipment, such as lighting, power points and switches. They also set up home automation systems that manage security, heating and cooling, blinds and curtains through a single app or controller. They may work in private homes, apartments or condos, as well as small businesses. Residential mildura electricians typically undergo years of on-the-job training to become qualified.

What are the levels of electricians in Australia?

Electricians are essential tradies for any renovation project that requires new wiring and powerpoints. For example, a bathroom reno will require powerpoints for heated towel rails and lighting, while kitchens need ample power for appliances like dishwashers and ovens. They can also wire up outdoor lighting and powerpoints for your deck or pool area.

An electrician’s duties can be dangerous as they deal with high voltage electricity. They are required to wear specialised clothing and use special tools to handle their work. Electricians are also required to keep up to date with electrical codes and regulations.

If you notice fuses blowing frequently, lights flickering or sparks coming from a powerpoint, it is likely time to call a licensed electrician. These problems indicate that the wiring in your home is outdated and can’t cope with the amount of current being drawn by modern appliances and devices. A licensed electrician can inspect your home and recommend rewiring it, as well as install safety switches and RCDs to reduce the risk of shock and fire.

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