Tree of Life Weed

tree of life art dc is a sativa with 14-18% THC that delivers happy, invigorating effects that fuel creativity and focus. Its parentage and balanced effects make it a top choice for consumers with a variety of needs, including stress relief, pain management, depression, headaches or migraines, and nausea.

This strain’s aroma carries hints of earth and dankness, with notes of damp soil. Closer inspection will reveal a hint of skunkiness and bright citrus. When smoked, the flavor is thick and smokey with a lemony orange taste on the exhale.

Unveiling the Magic of Tree of Life Weed: Your Guide to a Transformative Experience

The high from this sativa takes hold quickly following consumption, causing a rush of blood to the head and a feeling of pressure in the temples and behind the eyes. This mental stimulation may amplify internal monologues, resulting in chattiness and camaraderie among smokers. Its physical effects begin to outshine its mental ones, though, as a wave of relaxation spreads from the neck and down the spine, releasing any deep-held tension and allowing smokers to breathe more easily.

This invasive plant thrives in disturbed or nutrient-rich soils, and it spreads by suckers and seeds, which are dispersed by wind and water. It has been identified as a problem on National Forest System lands because of its high germination rate and ability to outcompete native species. It is a very difficult plant to control once established, especially in forest canopy, so land managers recommend preventing seedlings from establishing and using herbicides to kill suckers.

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