What Are Air Scrubbers?

Unlike air fresheners that further pollute the air, an air scrubber transforms and reconditions indoor air, naturally and safely. Depending on its capabilities, the device can remove chemicals, gases, fungal spores, smoke particles, pet dander, dust particles, pollen, bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants. It works by releasing negative ions that attach themselves to the smallest particles and make them heavier, making it easier for the device to clean them. UV lights then disrupt the DNA of contaminants, destroying them and making them harmless.

Hospitals, health care what are air scrubbers and other medical facilities frequently use air scrubber rentals to control the spread of sickness due to poor air quality. These units can also be rented for construction and demolition projects to help control airborne dust, chemical fumes, sewer damage, toxic odors, and other contaminants.

Clearing the Air: What Are Air Scrubbers and How Do They Work

A scrubber’s oxidation honeycomb, often combined with ionization, captures and destroys odors, contaminants, and bacteria. Unlike an air purifier, which only filters air particles large enough for its system to catch them, an air scrubber is able to address the tiniest particles, helping those with severe allergies to enjoy cleaner indoors.

An air scrubber’s pre-filter traps dust and larger particulate matter, while its HEPA-grade filters remove smaller pollutants. If the unit is fitted with a carbon filter, it can even remove noxious odors from the air. These types of air scrubbers are ideal for construction sites and homeowners without HVAC ductwork. A monitor that measures the air quality can be added to these units for an extra level of comfort and safety.

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