Why Do Amish Dolls Have No Faces?

amish dolls

Traditionally, Amish children play with dolls that have no faces.

Amish dolls | Amish Baskets in this region are often made of rags and are stuffed with spare scraps. They’re one of the oldest types of children’s toys in existence.

The Amish do not allow their children to use mirrors or have faceless dolls. They also believe that dolls with eyes, ears, mouths or any other sensory parts can be possessed by demonic spirits.

Despite this, some Amish parents have allowed their children to play with faceless dolls. It is a tradition that dates back to the 19th century, when rag dolls were being made throughout the American frontier.

Some people have hypothesized that this is because the Bible prohibits creating graven images, such as a doll with a face. However, the reason is actually much deeper and religiously rooted.

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According to Amish beliefs, everyone is created in the image and likeness of God. Therefore, dolls with faces are not acceptable because they appear more worldly.

Another reason why Amish dolls have no faces is that the Amish do not want their children to be influenced by non-Amish culture. They have strong beliefs about living a simple life.

They believe that if a person is influenced by the things that the world offers, they will lose sight of their true identity and will become corrupted. Hence, dolls without faces are seen as more pure and more spiritually sound. This belief is deeply rooted in the Amish religion and is reflected by the Amish dress.

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