Why You Should Use a Construction Temporary Agency

Eu Workers agency intérim btp the demand for construction workers peaks, and your permanent employees are busy with other projects, you can turn to a construction temporary agency to fill the gaps in your labor pool. These agencies can provide qualified candidates in a matter of days, without you having to post job ads or interview dozens of potential recruits. This allows you to meet project deadlines, maintain productivity, and save money.

The best temp agencies have industry expertise, which means they understand how to source and select the right candidates for your company. They also follow strict guidelines for worker safety and ensure that all temporary employees pass background checks, drug tests, and other requirements before they arrive at your work site. Using a temp agency can eliminate the risk of hiring unqualified or even dangerous candidates, which can slow or stop your project.

Finding the Best Temporary Workers Agency in Paris

Staff shortages are not just frustrating, they can also derail your project’s progress and make it harder to hit critical deadlines. By working with a temp agency, you can transform fixed labor costs into variable ones so that you can add more employees as the need arises.

If you want to find a new hire that could become a permanent employee, many temp agencies offer temporary-to-perm options. During the temp-to-perm trial period, you can evaluate the employee’s performance and make a decision whether to hire him or her at the end of the 90-day period. You must pay the agency upfront, usually a flat retainer, and then pay it a percentage — up to 50 percent — of the candidate’s first-year salary.

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